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Here i am LAUGHIN2.2

havin my mods : Unorthodox pulley , AEM Cold Air , Dc Sports Header , Tanabe Racing Medallion , Field Vtec controller

what kit would you recommend?

, i know Venom is %$%& thanks to wutangben for telling me , i was about to buy one.
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How much hp do you want? Do you ever plan on building the bottom end? Answer these two questions and we can hook you up with the right kit.
1. 55 or 75 shot
2. don't know what you mean with "building the bottom end"

also whenever i want to get off the kit entirely it doesn't become too complicated.

1. Go with a dry kit then. I'd go with NOS and Wutangben will tell you Zex. Zex is really easy to install, but guys have claimed to have dyno'd NOS and have it be a bit more powerful. Personally I feel that nitrous is nitrous. You'll need an ignition and colder plugs for the 75 shot. You'll just neeed colder plugs for the 50 shot.
2. By building the bottom end, I meant would you ever put in forged pistons, connecting rods, etc. If you did, I would tell you to get a NOS direct port kit and a jacob's nitrous mastermind, and spray a 100+ shot.
And whats the difference between the ZEX and NOS kits, by looks i noticed a small module on the ZEX kit . And it says its the only kit that has some special bottle pressure to ensure the right mix... does the NOS has this . or this is BS

Also what brand of plugs would that be ,,, the one's from ZEX?
nos vs zex: laughin is right, i would recommend the zex kit (cause i have one and love it) but both of them are pretty much the same thing. people claim that nos yields a bigger gain than zex on a dyno, and i think that the whole thing blew up into making everyone believe that zex is some weak kit. i bet money that some dyno results will show that zex is more powerfull than nos too. i believe that with both kits, a 50 shot is a 50 shot. a 75 shot is a 75 shot. one kit isnt more powerful than the other. the advantage that the zex kit has, is the easy installation. a monkey can install it. if you want a big name brand that eveyone knows, go with the nos kit. although zex is made by compcams, so dont think its some no name company.

as for plugs, you'll need to get new ones at least one step colder. a lot of people will recommend the ngk's (since they come stock on our cars) one step colder. i run the zex plugs, which are 2 steps colder, just because i needed plugs and no local shop had the ngks. so far my zex plugs are fine, and i havent heard any complaints about them. so either ngk's one step colder, or the zex plugs. laughin, do you agree?

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I'll be running NGKs because they are inexpensive and I'll be changing them alot, but alot of people swear by Zex plugs, so I agree with Wutangben. Get whatever you can find the easiest.
I'm not sure about the ZEX kit making sure that the mix is right. That's a question for Wutangben. Simply put, when you spray the nitrous into the intake tubing, it passes the MAF sensor, which tells the ECU to increase the fuel flow through the injectors. This is the same principal behind all dry kits(ZEX and NOS).
Wutangben and luaghin thanks for your help , ill keep you informed when i get a kit .... still can't decide between NOS & ZEX
but im much clearer now!

Hi again,

i saw this in the NOS web page

05122 1.6-1.8L, EFI (inc V-TEC)
05123 2.0, 2.3, 3.0L EFI, (inc. VTEC)
02045 Race-ready 2.2 V-TEC Prelude

this means that the one i have to buy is 02045 raceready 2.2 vtec prelude? is it safe for mine or is it only for race only purpose.
well maybe this will help make your desision. . . nos you can upgrade, i have instructions on how to convert pretty much any kit.
i went from dry kit and wanted to go to dp , then got all the part #'s and the manuals to upgrade , then decided i would be fine with single fogger wet kit and got the parts and instructions and good to go . . . you can reaplce or upgrade anything with NOS, . . . solenoid takes a shit , , , rebuild it or buy a new one . .you know whatever
i dont think its that easy with zex though, but i could be wrong . usualy when things break in integrated units, you pretty much get a new unit. . correct me if im wrong though
02045 looks to be the right kit. You may want to call NOS and double check that it's the kit that you want.
The upgrade path is easier with the NOS kit. Also, if you start out dry and go to wet, you only have to add a few parts.
i was browsing someother boards and it turns out that NOS may not have put the 02045 kit into production yet. I would definitely call NOS on this one. The 05123 will definitely work though. It is your basic dry kit.
Laughin' , let me know what they told u
I'm going to call up Xtreme accesories and see what they say about the kits. I'll post it up in a minute.
hmmm.... nos or zex....

lets see.... which one can be tuned to 200 shot?!!! :eek2:

well, that was easy enough
Re: hmmm.... nos or zex....

CivicNOS1 said:
lets see.... which one can be tuned to 200 shot?!!! :eek2:

well, that was easy enough
Only a direct port kit can spray that much on a Honda. The kid working at the shop is a moron and the owner is fucking with me, so they lost a customer. I'll give them a call back when my friend is working.
or the venom, which I KNOW everyone hates this week...

maybe i'll redeem them.

Then again, I can do all the custom setup I want with the NOS kit... (Safety and junk, ya know)
CivicNOS1 said:
or the venom, which I KNOW everyone hates this week...

maybe i'll redeem them.
You are not spraying a 200 shot with a Venom dry kit. I know the kit is supposed to be advanced, but I know that it can't check the AF in each cylinder and control the fuel for each injector. Also we've been hating on the venom kit ever since it came out. If you can redeem the kit IU'll be very surprised.
Here's a discussion that we had on about the race-ready nitrous kit
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