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Agreed with WVU about antilag/Misfiring systems. They chew up your cars exhaust side with authority never seen before. That shits for some mad ass drag racing not for our poor little.. slightly abused... daily drivers :)

Whats done to your motor WVU?

To sum up the launching: You want to be in the rpm your motor makes the MOST torque without slipping the tires(after your burnout when applicable). Launching is just like trying to accellerate up a steep ass hill without rolling back, heavy gas, and feather the clutch. The more you practice it the more gas you'll be able to give her without spinning your shit on the line. You can revv higher than the max torque rating because you know the RPM's will dip down as you attempt to break that bitch called intertias ass.

I gernaded a clutch when I was 17/18 in my S10 revved her up high and slid my foot off the pedal. That hydraulicly assisted clutch slammed up with the utmost prejudice. :lmao That is the day I learned to drive a stick shift by usin the synchros. Olde man was pissed :)
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