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Laws regarding under body neon...

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Anybody know? Also, as you can see, I live in Chicago, Illinois so any local info would be even better. Are there color/brightness/moving/non-moving restrictions? Etc, etc..
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I had heard no blue or red since they are police colors.

Actually, its red, blue and purple (my friend got a ticket for purple,i guess because cops are color blind?) also, make sure you cannot see the light itself, or it will be illegal!
good luck
They (police) have no idea. My friend got pull over 3 times for his windshield nozzle lights.

1) Police said no Blue Lites (police color). It makes sense. He changed them to super white. (city police)
2) Another police (campus police) told him, you should not have light on the hood, but he doesnt care, coz city police said it is ok if they are not blue/red, campus police let him go, and told him that he will go find out from the PD.
3) Once again, another state police said, you cannot install a light above certain level... (but how about side mirror with turn signal light.... )

(No Ticket was issued)
well, here in AZ the law is not about the color but that it is legal as long as your neon bar is not visible. the glow is o.k. but the ACTUAL bar cannot be visible due to the blinding effect on other drivers or some crap like that?
you can find out by just calling your local police department and asking them to look it up for you. that's how i found out.
i think that in mass you can only have them on while you are parked.
Here in NY, I think you can't have it unless your parked or something. It would be cool if someone proves me wrong then I'll put some of them on my car. :D
from what ive heard, in most places the rules are no red or blue and the lights arent allowed to be visible. like somebody else in this thread said, i guess in some places they arent legal at all when you are driving but my guess would be that nobody would stop you for it. one thing you can do is just go find a cop and ask him.
I asked a cop today that comes into my workplace regularly...

He said.."Why do you want your car riced up?"
When me and a buddy got pulled over, he said it's the Tube itself, like someone else said. The glows fine, and color, just no tube. However, the laws are different for certain cities. just introducin a noobie to this forum, but ive been visiting for a few weeks now...from australia...and the whether is shit.

neway...i got blue neons under the car as well as blue washers on the bonnet...and its all illegal down here.
been caught a few times but the jakasses just let me off wiht a warning all the innocent...thats wat i say.:D
In Cali youre allowed to have any color as long as its not on while the cars in motion.
Is there a site or something you can look it up for you state ? If so please lemme know.
BlakeA06 said:
Is there a site or something you can look it up for you state ? If so please lemme know.
You can call your local DMV and ask them if they now where you can ask about rules and regulations on car modifications. They might tell you to go screw your self or they might give you a descent answer. I know in most states that it can only be on when you are parked. I dont know about red or blue being legal or not.,, ;)
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