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Hi !! im new with all this car stuff. My dad just give me the Civic 99 (milano red) with only 16 000 Km !!!

He bought it in june of 99, with the OEM seats, but one week later the seller ofered the change of the seats for only $650 usd !!!

First i saw gray leather and started to cry...... but now i discovered a BIG RED "H" in the seat that nobody had!!

some years later i got that car and started my self in the tunning world, then after two months of reading all kind of forums sites etc etc I never found a seats like the one i have, and I mean... in my school are about 8 red coupe... just 3 with leather, 9 black coupe 2 with leather, 7 blue Si none with leather, about 30 4d ... who cares about the leather. AND NOBODY HAD THESE !!!

all this is coz... the seats are not break, but... there are some loose flaps and i dont know what to do with them !! please tell me if you know how to correct them !!!

Left door

Here you can see the flaps

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