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Its a 93 sc300 with just under 155000 miles
Most of those miles are highway miles driving back and forth austin to houston. This commute has ended with the SC300. Car has only been driven in austin since Nov '04 and I have another car I use to commute.
The 2JZ is known for strength and durability so you have nothing to worry about.

Here are some pics:

Here are some highlights before you think, old, high mileage!!

-2JZ motor is running really strong. compression test (fall 02) indicates healthy in all 6 pistons. Got alot of miles to go.
-inline 6 motor which is so smooth and still lexus quiet inside.
-interior is solid with minimal wear
-Replaced brand new power steering pump with lifetime warranty, and brand new AC compressor.
-Oil changed every 3000 miles with Mobil 1 synthetic.
-Filled with 93 octane gas all the time.
-Bought the car off a car detailing shop and as shown in pics, paint is in pristine condition.
-car has been very well maintained and tuned up to spec since my owner ship.


-electronics are in working order except that speedometer lights just dimmed. Probably a loose or broken fuse/bulb.
-Just under 155K highway miles (Austin/Houston) but i gurantee car is in splendid condition with a healthy motor for its age.

For sale at USD $7000 OBO OR trade. Looking for a Honda civic/accord, Acura Integra type of cars.

You might ask, why sell the car if the condition is this good?
I need something smaller which helps my commute back and forth houston/austin.
Email or call me for more pics or info. I can give you VIN# too.

[email protected] / 512-415-0204

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