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Lightened Crossmembers

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Does anyone know where to get the light weight crossmembers? I am helping a friend replace his because it is bent on both sides. I saw an add a while back for them b4 superhonda went down last. they are like 225$ Compared to the 450$ from the please HELP.
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Are you talking about an aftermarket piece? Or the stock aluminum ones? If it's stock you might try the usual suspects for picking up used ones, just make sure they aren't damaged: - not free

I hate to say it, but in the long run he'd be better off buying this new from Honda b/c of what it is.

Good Luck!
Yeah, aftermarket, it is about 15lbs lighter over stock. The one I am taking off my frineds car is bent on both sides where the control arms attach to it. I know there is a site for them, because I saw them in superstreet mag, and someone was talking about them on here b4 superhonda went down and it had a link, but I didn't save the link.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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