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Lightest CRX

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How much does a CRX HF(???) weigh, or whatever the lightest model is? Thanks
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I dont know exact numbers but I think 1800-1900 pounds.
Of the second gens the '88 HF was the lightest model wich weighs 1819lbs.;)
Well if you wanted to really get technical the first generations crx's are gunna weigh even less...but assuming you just wanted a second get. the 88 hf is the lightest...It's like 1820lbs
At 1714 pounds, the 1G HF is actually the lightest CRX. But this is a rather difficult car to do swaps on since it is carbureted. Speaking of 1G CRXs, some people like to do swaps on the 1G SI since they think it is light. But unless you like the 1G, this is a mistake. The 1G SI is heavier than a 1988 HF, 1988 DX, or 1989 HF.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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