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Lightweight 17" Wheels?

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I am looking for some 17" lightweight rims that won't break the bank. I would love to have the Volk te 37's, but they are pricey. Any recommendations on wheels that would look good on a black GSR?:confused:
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Well the new HCI magazine has an ad for this new line of Center Line wheels. They claim that their 17"s weigh 13.5lbs.

Check their website.

Good luck in your search.
racing hart ha cp-o8, 10 and 35 but i think they are all discontinued, lenso has the vpd these all weight around 16-17pounds and are not that pricey cept for the cp-35's they are really light weight and are mad expensive
Rota rims are fairly light and aren't really too expensive. I have 17" Rota subzero's and they weight like 17 lbs each. I mean its not super light but thats not too bad for 17's.
Yeah, The Rota's, i do recommand. The also have the roat slip streams (spoon look-alikes) and the curcuit 8 (mugen look-alikes) but yeah, the are pretty light and cheap. They also advertise that it is strong enough, even for street.
sorry, you wanted 17's huh, well, the biggest size of those are 16's. My bad.
Thanks for your replies. I'll check out those brands and sites. I was hoping to stay about 15 pounds or under. I think that will put me in the same weight category as my stock 15" wheels, only with 17's and a much better look.
how much are ssr comps.?
Rota Slipstreams are the best bang for your buck when it comes to lightweight wheels. The 16" are only 13.5lbs, but that's as big as they come. If you're willing to give up an inch they're on special right now at for $500 SHIPPED! Yeah that's right, no expensive rim shipping costs, $500 for the set of 4 in your choice of white, silver, bronze, gunmetal or black. That's a good deal. If I had $500 right now I'd buy some 16" white Slipstreams :(.

Their weight is quite comparable to the Volk 37 series rims for 1/5 the price. I'd say this is the rim for you, hell it's the rim for everyone.
I'll definitely check the site out, sounds like price is right! Thanks.

The whole set up with rims and tires should be around $1,000.
volks are played out... go with racing hart cp-035...
Who cares about if they're played out. They are a quality light weight rim.
A lot of the wieghts people are giving you for wheels is way off.
17" wheels on average way around 20lbs. There are three reall light wheels

Volk TE37 - 15.5lbs
Racing Heart CP35
Spoon - there 16" wiegh 11lbs
SoFlaGS-T said:
volks are played out... go with racing hart cp-035...
Who cares if other people have them, they look tight as hell in black.
My 17 inch ADR GT-Sports:

When my wheels shipped they were weighed in at 19lbs a piece.
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Fstyles said:
check out SSR i got the competitions in 17-8 around 14lbs
i'd look at the SSR Competitions. they are THE lightest 17" wheel. Since you have integra, you'd get the 17x7.5 which weighs 12.7 pounds. they are $375 each at tirerack.

if that's too expensive, rotas seem like the best bang for your buck.
Yeah, consider the OZ. I have the supperleggera's 17 inch...They are light and really sweet with Yokahamma Parada's...Look at the gun metal color...It phat with black.
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