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List whats new with your Sol since the board was down

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Everyone please list whats new with your sol since the boards back up, new mods, sold, wrecked, ect...
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ummm. mine went up for sale!!!!!! so buy it and then you will have all kinds of new mods to list...;)
Same stuff. Picked up some wheels, Rota Circuit 8's in bronze. Now for the tires...

Otherwise I have been spending too much on computer stuff....
*1998 Acura Integra GS-R 15" mesh wheels
*stock civic si michelin tires
*tanabe racing medallion cat back
*piaa headlights and auxiliaries
*corner lights that shine amber, but look clear when off
*and since the board was down i've gained about 3 dents and 10 new scratches
i seem to have lost weight since the board was down cause i haven't been setting on my ass in front of the computer all day for the last few weeks...:p
I've been playing too much Medal of Honor, myself, lately.
i haven't been playing PS2 much anymore since its in my car and its friggin 10 degrees outside..
the rest of the Pakfeifer kit from Austria. I hope to have some pics within a month or so.
Whats up guys. Its been a while. I was starting to miss superhonda.
I got my fuel pump for my turbo kit running. This whole time i thought it was working but it was hooked up wrong. So now its hauling a little more butt. And i just ordered a Venom fuel rail and a turboXs boost controller. yummy.
I have added a couple of TeamSol window stickers, Injen red Gauge faces, and an RSR catback exhaust.
I am currently having fender flares put on and buying rims this idea wha color though.either gunmetal or white in 17's
changed my mind from show to go, hopfully a supercharger or turbo by next month. air freshener and gasoline. 92 octane :D
haha nothing really new. hasport motor mounts came in friday. looking for a us spec wiring harness.
Few new stains on the seats and an ass shaped dent on the hood and driver side fender.

A little pissed but it was fun putting them there, my girlfriend... err x-girlfriend was nice enough to help. :D :D :D
got a new clutch, new tires on the front, added my new intake and got my header finally. now all i need is new tank of NOS.
Got a kaminari front and wings west rear lip, also purchasing some koni adjustables
....well guess that wrecked comment would count for me.......
Got my Intrax Springs, ordered my Apexi VTEC Controller, and ordered my B16A4 motor. Debating on a Carbon Fiber Hood and getting rid of the Wings West front end and replacing it with a VIS. Also has anyone seen an EVO style front end. I saw one on an eclipse at, the EVO style. It looks HARD!!!
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