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little n2o knowledge please

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don't know much about n2o, know it can fuck up your car and something about it helping combustion or some shit like that. i'm getting a prelude soon and am planning on going with as much all motor as possible with the juice as a "juce in case" but before i decide to go with this path i'd like to know more about it. things like what needs to be reinforced to make sure i don't kill my car... plugs, pistons, etc.. i want to start off with a 50-75 shot but to eventually be able to run a 150 shot... crazy? gimme some feedback.. try to be detailed please cause i'm pretty much a newbie at n2o...

also what type of power would i be able to get all motor withought sacrificing the performance of the n2o... like if i get high compression pistons couldn't that be bad when spraying..? bad mixture, etc... any help... comments...
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You should be able to run up to 75hp shot without many upgrades. I would suggest 1 heat range colder NGK plugs, 2 degrees timing retard and upgrading the ignition system. Oh, and you're also going to need a stonger clutch too.
For anything above the 75hp level you're going to need a few more things including converting if you didn't start with a direct port setup. For anything over 75hp you will run into possible distribution problems with a single fogger setup so would strongly suggest getting a DP set-up right from the get go with intentions of squeezing over 100hp. You're stock block and pistons should be able to support 100hp safely.
For anything above that you will need to stregthen the bottom end, with forged pistons and rods and would also suggest getting a progressive nitrous controller like the Jacobs Nitrous Mastermind. Hope this helps.
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