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Look Or Performance

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Sup all

Wll it's time for me to start hookin up my car again and i wanna know what would you guys do first. look or performance. I gotta used teg and the paints kinda messed up so i was thinkin about either a body kit and getting it repainted or goin for performance (engine mods the usual intake header springs, etc) I wanna be fast again but then again no point in bein fast if you look like shit too. Holla.

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I'm pretty much stock on the outside. So my vote's for go first. No point in looking the part if you can't back it up.
Rayman said:
I'm pretty much stock on the outside. So my vote's for go first. No point in looking the part if you can't back it up.
Exactly. I always love pulling next to wild looking cars , only to hear a stock sounding engine with exhaust , as you dust them their friend laughing.
Hi, nice to meet you.
where in maryland do you live ??

Anyway, for me cleanliness comes first.
Keep you car extra clean and shinny is the key.
But if you have to re-paint you car, you should do body kit at the same time. It will save cost and time.
Then suspension, and engine.

Remember, keep your car CLEAN. No matter how expensive your body kit is, if your car is dirty, it is useless.

So I vote for GO but clean looks first and then SHOW.
I think many people starting out come to this point and alot go all show no go and most of them are fast and furious wannabes. Not all though might i add. I personally go a little show but lots of go. I got a 95 RS and yesterday took off my pinstripe and changed my embems to silver cuz they were gold(yuk) and i have CF altezzas and clear front turn signals. I plan on coilovers and i might not even get rims just some stock GSR rims. I have a CAI and strut bar and im saving for a turbo and 2.75 inch exhaust. I have a friend that is getting rims and go alot more show but hes not getting kit or wild paint. He is also doing his engine but just NA and doesnt have crazy money to put into his car. So its all what you like and how much you got.
What model is your teg?
How much you want to spend?
Whats your goal HP?
You want a car that looks phat, nice or little more then stock?
hmm lets see its a 95 ls and im willin to spend a lil but not like my entire life savings for them to steal my car again (sorry had on before and got stolen). Not goin for a really wild kit or anything just somethin that when you look at it it doesnt look stock but like mike said though hes gotta point i used to love doin tha same thing and i actually felt bad for em too. thinki ma go wit performance then. thanx unless you guys have any other suggestions.
I've decided I'm going for the stock look...just lowered w/ some 17' lips, skirts, or anything like that. Other than that, I'll be hookin' it up for performance.
BreakBeatTeg said:
I've decided I'm going for the stock look...just lowered w/ some 17' lips, skirts, or anything like that. Other than that, I'll be hookin' it up for performance.
Same for me.
hey, what's up all

well i say go for the gusto, it's nothing like handing a 5.0 or any performance oriented V8 it's ass. I had a 94 Gs-r that i worked to mid 14's and i loved beating 5.0's, the look on there face is GOLD!
Plus if you look fast you're gonna hate not having the go when those ricers rev on ya, so go for the gusto bro!

good luck:D
well if your leaning towards performance and you got a nice B18b1 you could always go turbo. I mean its low compression ratio is ideal. With a drag 3 kit i know guys getting 270HP on stock internals and they are daily drivers. Car runs under no boost and when you wanna let her rip you ride hard and once that turbo spools your gone. If you want NA on the other hand its going to cost a bit more to get big gains but even with a intake manifold(or port and polish), air intake, header, exhaust, and some nice cams you will have a fairly quick car. As for looks wings west makes a lip that is popular dont know the name if anyone could help me out it just basically comes down more and that looks good and isnt to much compared to whole bumpers.
Good luck to ya what ever you do if you want to know more about the turbo icq me or email me and ill help answer any questions you have.
I would go for engine first too, but since you have to get your car repainted, I would go for a type R lip, and something nice and clean on the sides. That shouldn't cost you too much, and then after that engine all the way.
I say make it uglier...that way you wont have to worry about door dings and people jacking it.... the motor to run as fast as your wallet can afford..
if it were me, i'd spend it for engine mods. it all depends on what you plans for the car are really. if you wanna eventually go turbo, then save your money, or get that body kit you like. dont waste money on intake or header or anything liek that if you wont need it later on.. and those honestly arent gonna give you that much power. if your plans for the engine are basically gonna end at i/h/e.. then i'd just say go ahead and make it look nice. again, i'd go w/ the engine mods.. but you should really do what you wanna do, not what others say you should do. if you want a kit, get it. if you wanna save for a turbo, save. tahts just my $.02
i would go for performance. if it looks too good. someone is gonna want it:mad:
why make it a choice? do one mod for speed, then one for looks.. a well rounded car is a NICE car..
Performance. Sleeper.
Yeah go sleeper style. They wont see it coming
Go with the basic engine mods. Intake, headers, and a catback exhaust. If your goin n/a, try to go with a 2.25 diameter for the exhaust. And if u get a chance get the high flow converter too. Im not all crazy for looks. I rather have all the right stuff inside and look like a sleeper on the outside. I just like a clean look.
But then again, it's all on u and ur tastes.
i would like too, but heres the thing some stupid lady backed up into me in a parking lot and drove off and my rear bumper is kinda messed up and i hate drivin a shitty lookin car. but you guys raise a good point why look good when its slow as shit and somebody out there is goona want it too.
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