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(oops, meant to post it in this forum, sorry)
Lookin for a stock, manual Civic HB, want to trade an 87 Monte Carlo LS V8 (good condition, needs a lil work but runs great) plus cash for it. If interested, E-mail me: [email protected] or PM me.
Car details:
87 Monte Carlo LS 305 V8
92,xxx miles
GT Qaulifier tires
SS rims
Hooker dual exhaust
New water pump, coil, cap, rotor, iginition module and pickup, plugs/wires
Extra set of camaro bucket seats
New headliner
Good interior, new door weatherstripping
Runs great, A/C and Heater work very well
Needs a little body bodywork, not too much, as well as a new paintjob

Located in Hershey, PA
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