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what should i do........engine swap 92 civic hatch w\ jdm prelude Type S

  • prelude engine or Type R engine

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  • Spoon rims or Mugen?

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Looking For 92 Civic Hatchback DX

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i am looking for a Civic 92 Hactback, reason, I want to go fast. After researching all civics produced by Honda i found out that the lightest year made was between 92 and 95, it weighs 2200lbs stock. i am looking to rip everything out, down to the bear metal. Also i am looking to do an engine swap with an engine from JDM a H22 ( prelude Type-S motor from Japan) it produces 220 HP at the crank. also new rims, brakes, suspension, seats, lip kit, spoiler, tanny, intake, exhaust, header, gauge cluster and paint will be changed from stock. My problem is, is that i am looking for a Civic 92 Hatchback for around 2500, if anyone can help me please do, i could really use some now
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Actually the lightest is 2094 lbs, its the vx hatchback.
hey i can get u a htach. my buddy is sellin a 92-95 not sure on the year but its either a cx or a dx. its green with 81,000 miles. completely stock. he wants 3500 which is a good price considering the milage. car is in good condtion. let me know if ur interested.
the cx also weighs 2094lbs and i am selling mine for 2000... motor has a spun rod bearing but everything else is good... i am located in utah tho
can u send me your phone number with a discription of it and how much. i would enjoy it if you had pictures as well but i can do with them. email me at [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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