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Looking for a good muffler

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I'm looking for a good, quiet, muffler that will have 2.5" inlet/outlet, and be less restrictive than the stock one.
I want something stock looking, and not a coffee can, please.

I'm going to bend the pipes myself, (I've got a pipe bender at my college that I can use whenever), and move up one pipe size. I haven't measured yet, but I believe they're 2 inches in diameter, but correct me if I'm wrong. It's going to be catback by the way.

It's for a 97 Accord Special Edition, which my mom now owns, so I don't want anything loud. Aa little extra noise is okay, since that may come with the increased pipe size, but not too much. Mostly we're just looking for some performance/mileage gains.

I did the exhaust on my other car, with Dynomax Super Turbo's and it's not too annoying, they sound beautiful in fact.
Also, if you know of one that is the dual out, that'd be cool too, I like the way those look, just not a coffee can please! :)

If you help me out, I'll take pictures of the process in case anybody else is interested in repeating.

EDIT: I'm sorry, I keep forgetting there's a DIY forum here....
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twin loop, magnaflow, ws2...
/thread. and a resonator in the exhaust will help with it being quiet
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