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Looking for OEM front bumper 92-95 civic Coupe!

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im looking for an OEM front bumper for 92-95 civic coupe. Color doesnt matter, it just needs to be in good condition, no dents, anything like that. willing to pay shipping. post back, or write to <[email protected]>
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My buddy owns a 1993 Honda Civic Si Coupe, and he's no longer using his OEM front bumper since he now has a ViS SO front bumper. Next time he's over I'll see if he wants to sell it. It's painted Championship White, and is in perfect condition because he just had it painted before summer started, and only drove with it on for maybe a month before he bought the ViS SO front bumper.

However were Canadian, and I have no clue as how he would ship it to you if he infact wants to sell it.
I might be interested in that bumber. I have a white 93 sedan and I heard that you can put a coupe one on without much trouble.

They look a little more aggressive than the sedan ones and plus ill be able to put a tsunami lip spoiler on later.

Then again I am kinda broke.

sounds good though, I'm from ontario so I wonder how much shipping would be??
hey hey hey, nobody else scoring off of my post J/k. anyways, anyone else have an extra one?
I've seen aftermarket OEM style front bumpers for $63. You should be able to get it cheaper at a junkyard. If I come across the place that had the bumper, I'll let you know.
Go to They have the bumper for $69. It's unpainted which will save you money in the long run since you won't have to get it sanded to remove the paint.
mucho grassy ass muchacos
I found a bumper at my local body shop for 36 bucks! Check your local shops before you buy a used one. That reminds me.....i need to change my sig...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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