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today on my way home from my gf's house, i hydroplaned, a little bit, and it scared the hell out of me. so i came home and i know i needed tires, so now i want to do some research. i did a search, and it kinda seems like ppl avoid giving name brands of tires that they like. there must be some brands that just are better quality than others. basially i want a tire that has excellent traction in dry conditions and VERY good traction in wet conditions. i actually totalled my old pontiac by hydroplaning and i dont want it to happen again. i live in ny, but on long island, so it it a hit or miss thing with snow, so i want to be able to drive in snow, but, its not a main consern. what are some good brands to look at, some to avoid? this is a daily driver car, that will probably never go to the track. but, i want it to stay on the road ALWAYS. i know a guy who has the toyo fz4's i think they are called. and he likes um, but i know there are ppl on here that know a lot more about tires than he does. also, i would like them to last around a year or two, 20-40 thousand miles.
sorry the post was so long, but just didnt want to leave out any details.
please, someone help me out, so i can get those balding POS stock tires off my LS.
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