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It has higher miles, but not high for a Honda, just it's year (150k)
I have my line on some Skunk2 turbo cams, gears and full valvetrain, JE Pistons and Eagle Rods (lower the c/r), and a ZEX kit which it could either spray on the intercooler w/ n2o or co2, or could sway dry and purge on the intercooler

curious that w/ a turbo kit (FMAX or Drag:80+hp--suggestions?), cams, lower compression like around 8.5 or so, @ say 16psi, spraying on the intercooler, what kind of power (wheel or crank, please state which your guess is) i would be making and what kind of 1/4 times i could get (stock is like 15.1 or so)


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