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i have some stuff i gotta get rid of ....

psp(brand new in box)

sony cybershoot tele conversion lens(brand new in box)

sony memory stick pro 256MB (brand new in box)

3 game boy advanced games corvette,need for speed and ms.pac man(brand new in box)

Ibeat illinating head phones for personal audio players(brand new in box)

data tarveler usb flash drive 1 GB (brand new in box)

sharp xr-20s projector (brand new in box)

new dell computer with flat screen moniter(brand new in box)

acura integra type r wing black (used)

1994 acura integra rear bumper black (used)

1994 acura integra disc brakes all 4 (used)

17" computer moniter white with 2 jbl speakers(used)

im am located in Miami, Florida

email me with offers or trades at [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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