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Low Prices on Performance Parts

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I can get Autometer, DC Sports, Greddy, AEM, Injen, APR, Wings West, ZEX, and Skunk2. Email me with what year and model you have and what part you want. I will then you email you back with a low price on the products listed. I can get others, but the prices may be a little while, as I can look up the prices for those products online.

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how low can you get DC SPorts header Part number HHC5012 for accord 94 lx.
i got a 92 honda civic hb cx 5-speed i nedd a exhaust tell me what the lows price you can get me one for any maker......holla back at me a.s.a.p

new kid on the block...not for long:megam: :smileb: :megat: :laughy:
maybe theres someway you can get the greddy lip for the 97+ lude? i know theyre on backorder, but maybe you had sources
white accord 94 - pm'd ya

jeff911 - pm'd ya

01ludeesh - I am gonna have my friend call and see if he can find one. Willl let you know tonight.
Looking for a red or blue (1) AEM CAI for a '98 Civic EX coupe. How much more for the (2) bypass? Also, looking for a DC sports 4-2-1 1 piece header.

Live in OH at 45056. Thanks.


injen RD1520 for a 94 civic ex...not the's gotta be the RD...the one that goes down in the hole....peace.
92-95 civic front lip? or any lip that will fit on delsol? Thanks
can you hook up any of these? from my other post.

Konigi Coilover 300 bucks
JDM Back lights 150
JDM Front lights 150
Indigo Gauges 150
Rota Subzero 15's Rims/Tires 800
total 1550

H22A swap, ecu, axles, tranny 2400
DC Headers 320
AEM Cold Air 160
Tornado Fuel Saver free
MSD Ignition Digital Launch Kit 700
Apex Catback 500
AEM Fuel Rail/Reg 280
skunk2 CAM Gear 130
skunk2 stage II camshafts 900
auto to stick conversion ???

Total 5665

my bad, it's for an 90 ex accord

[email protected]
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you might wanna tell him what kinda car its
Need AEM CAI, Skunk2 rear lower tie bar for 2001 Accord V6..Thanks
d103097s - pm'ed ya

crshovrd41 - will message you when I get the price, I dont have the RD prices, I am gonna look in a day or 2.

Del_Whoa - pm'ed ya

EZAccord - pm'ed ya
pboilee - sent you some lower prices
How much for an Aem CAI w/ bypass valve for 93 HB?
I can also now get centerforce products.
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