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lower fron tie brace

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Do any of ya'll know who makes a lower front tie brace. What is the best rear tower brace? I have a neuspeed in the front but have only been able to find a DC sports for the rear.
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If you are referring to the Strut/Shock tower braces, then Neuspeed and Spoon make them for the front and rear of 5th gen Preludes. There is absolutely no reson that I can find to put on on the lower mounting points in the rear except for show. With that said-I have only seen them from DC Sports and personally I would not buy one of their bars upper or lower-great for show but the in fact flex. There are NO tie bars for the front lower of 5ht gens.
If you are looking for sway bars-that is a different story. Neuspeed and Suspension Techniques are the 2 to look at.
In case you have not read this before-Spoon is discontinuing the upper bars and they are available in very limited numbers. I would urge you to get the rear one while you still can and use a Neuspeed one in front.
Happy Luding
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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