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lowered my car today...i think i have a problem

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Hey guys, I got together with a friend of mine, and we installed my Nuespeed Springs today. (pain in the ass) anyhow...when i left his house, the car was fine and all. Once I was closer to home, i started hearing a noise in the two rear wheels. Everytime I hit a bump, I hear a clanking sound...anyone know what it could be?
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Did you torque all of the bolts down according to spec? Did you remember to reconnect the rear sway bar?
this is in your VW right? are your tires rubbing?
it could be the springs do they make a crunching sound. if so it is just your springs breaking in.
it could be the spring hitting the upper metal mount since in the rear they don't like to sit in the upper mount even...but after a while they should settle in and find a nice spot in the upper mount where it doesn't make noise....if it still makes noise try adjusting the spring a little in the upper mount to sit different.....this was the story with my H&R race springs and my upper mount.
I forgot to put the HIGH-strength hardened washers back onto the tops of the rear struts at first, and that metal rod jammed straight through the weaker washer I'd mixed up and put on there by accident. :p (yah, I know I was stupid; I just mixed up which washers were which on my table) When the strut's center rod poked through the weak washer, it made a metallic rattling sound like that.

I just disassembled the rear suspension, and put the *correct* hardened Honda washers back on, and haven't had a problem since. :)
aite, i figured it out. There's a bolt that holds the wishbone platform with the bottom of the strut. I took off the wheels and messed around with it, and that bolt was loose. So I tightened it up, and the noise is gone :)
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