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92civy said:
lowering springs and stock strut help


i am looking into buying lowering springs but do i need to buy stuts also?
how is the handling without aftermarket struts?
will 2.5" lowering springs work with kyb gr2?
will 2.5" lowering springs work with stock struts?

92 civic lx 4 door
Yes you need springs. Don't try to take an easy way out.

Modifying cars is a big boy hobby. You can't take the cheap ricer way out. Do it right once, or find another hobby.

If you want a nother technical answer...then here.

Taken from

Why shouldnt I put an aftermarket spring on stock shocks?
This is why you dont just throw any damned spring on the stock shocks - you all that want a technical answer - this is it. It takes power to stop a progressive rate spring. Your stock springs are not progressive. They are evenly spaced apart. This means when you hit a bump in the road, the entire spring can compress, there are no dead coils persay. It takes a lot less power to stop a non progressive spring. Think of it like you have a 1 foot long spring with evenly spaced coils, you hold it down, and let it go. Now you do that again with a 8 inch tall spring that has all the coils near the top all close together, even touching. THis means that you have a lot less spring pushing it. BUt principal physics says its going to decompress a hell of a lot quicker, thus faster.

Now, I am a supporter of Eibach, they have awesome quality springs. They are a world renound company. But despite whatever they say, over and over, and whatever your friends or people on this board say, you cant make a shorter, progressive rate spring to work with stock shocks. Its springrate may be at the limits, it may feel about like stock, but it aint. under your car your shocks are working the hardest they have in a while to carry that springload. Now, whatever the claims, however long your friends have had them, is absolutely fabulous, go for it. If they say they are for stockers, then they are. But I have seen prokits blow stock shocks as fast as race springs. It happens easily. However, they are the least likely to do it. So if you are gonna cheap out, cheap out the right way. (I wonder if I could get that published in an oxy moron book...)

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White98LS said:
I think you meant to say "shocks" but yeah exactly right.

The GR2s are kind of the worst of both worlds... they perform like stock but they're aftermarket. With a 1.25-1.5" drop (far more recommended) you'd do fine with Tokico blues or Koni reds. Pretty much anything below 2" is just too much if you expect your car to actually handle and ride well.

The Neuspeed or H&R Sports lower about 1.75" and are a nice compromise, although the Tokicos get leaky and the warranty is void past the 1.5" point.
Yea, I meant shocks.

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