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lowering springs

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are H&R springs any good?

i can get em for 165 at autodynamic...

or should i save for eibach springs?
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H&R, eibach, neuspeed...all good stuff...

its basically what you prefer and the drop size that'll help you decide.

personally i went for H&R sports. drops about 1.75-1.8" (i think). haven't installed them yet but i hope so soon. i heard the ride was pretty good with stock shocks. i got them for 90 bucks too so i'm not complaining
h&r i have them, i like them, they ride pretty stock, i have heard that they ruin the stock shocks, so i plan on getting new shocks later.

i like their drop, its a pretty good drop for 4 cyls, and a better drop for v6, cause of their heavy engine.
I have H&R sport springs 1.5 (front) and 1.2 (rear) drop. Looks really nice, especially with mine.

I will post some pictures tomorrow when I can get a chance of my car. Personally, I love the H&R. They are not bouncy, and yet at a comfortable level for the drop. Plus, you won't need a camber kit for a 1.5/1.2 drop, unless you go a little lower then that.

I used to have a set of H&R race springs, and from my research and experience with other peoples' cars i realized that H&R makes top notch springs. If i ever bought them again i would go back to the H&R or Neuspeed race springs.

Personally i think the eibachs are too mushy, but that's just me.

autodynamic says the springs drop 1.75 in front and 2.2 in rear

isnt that i bit too much in the rear?

and what are some good aftermarket shocks...and how much will they cost?

HR and eibach are both good springs so u can go for the HR
H&R is the 'specialized spring manufacturer' or whatever neuspeed calls them... H&R makes the neuspeed springs... in fact i don't think neuspeed makes any of their own suspension parts, they use H&R springs and bilstein, or Koni struts in their coilovers.

not knocking neuspeed... i have a set of their sport lowering springs ( $144 shipped), just praising H&R.
I bought my H&R springs from autodynamic. They rate the springs at 1.5/1.7 respectively. I dunno if they sent the wrong springs but they seem much lower than that. Everyone that sees my car thinks it's at least a 2"/2.5" drop. I don't know if they settled that low or if they jus sent the wrong springs.
Don't get me wrong.....they're great springs but it's a little too low for NY, and i'm going 18's pretty soon and i know that they probably won't fit.
Now i want new springs but i don't know if to go H&R again. Does anyone know how good suspension techniques springs are??

I will be posting pics soon.
did u get the sports or race? (sounds like you got the race) i'll trade you springs cuz i got the sports, which isn't as big of a drop as the race
nizmugen said:
did u get the sports or race? (sounds like you got the race) i'll trade you springs cuz i got the sports, which isn't as big of a drop as the race
I does'nt tell if they're sports or race
on the H&R website...1.75/1.5 is suppose to be the "stage 2 sport" drop.

their race springs are 2.2/2.0.

if u ordered the sport springs and it looks like a 2.2/2.0 drop...yay i guess my car is gonna look like that too!

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