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LS 1.8L and GS-R 1.8L Differences?

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What makes the two engines different?

Can I upgrade a LS to GS-R spec or not? I am not talking an engine swap just bolt ons?

If I were to have to go engine swap does the GS-R bolt in where an LS 1.8L was?

How much do the GS-R swaps tend to run?



(looking for Teg to replace the Civic coupe)
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well, you can put a GSR head on an LS block and have an LSVTEC setup... use the search function to find out more

GSR swaps usually cost around 3500

yes a gsr mounts right in where the ls came out of
Jason94Cobra said:
What makes the two engines different?
Displacement (cc): 1834
Power ([email protected]): [email protected]
Torque (ft/[email protected]): [email protected]
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Bore (mm): 81
Stroke (mm): 89
Cam Design: dohc
VTEC?: no
OBD: 1 or 2
Year(s) Produced: 1994-1995 96-01
In the following car(s): Acura Integra GS/LS/RS

Displacement (cc): 1797
Power ([email protected]): [email protected]
Torque (ft/[email protected]): [email protected]
Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
Bore (mm): 81
Stroke (mm): 0
Cam Design: dohc
VTEC?: yes
OBD: 1 or 2
Year(s) Produced: 1994-2001
In the following car(s): Acura Integra GSR
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Jason94Cobra said:
Can I upgrade a LS to GS-R spec or not? I am not talking an engine swap just bolt ons?
Yes you can and make it faster.

You'll need the usual intake and exhauts system mated with a good pair of cams to produce power to that of a gs-r. A friend of mine threw in some crower 62403's tuned w/ 10:6 c/r pistons...he didnt see any gs-r rear lights anymore:)

Just because a honda engine isnt equipped with Vtec dont sell yourself short...a strong, fast car can be built with the b18b as its platform
you could beat a GSR with an AEM CAI
an ls with
clutchmaster stage 1/flywheel
DC sport headers
Testpipe 2.25
GReddy SP

with this set up you will surely leave some GSR behind

throwing those cams will make everything all worth with the CROWER 62403's with some will see alot more hp out of each of your bolt ons.
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So there no LS that is a VTEC? I am so confused with these damn Honda products, yet I keep coming back looking for them!

I thought the 94 and newer LS's were VTEC, not true?

Thanks for the help Guys!!!

I will keep this post updated when I finally make a selection. I guess I should just try to pick the car I like best and then leave it alone (cept for some little mods) since this is SUPPOSED to be my daily driver when I get it!

This is a list of the little mods that I am going to want... feel free to voice opinions on which you think are best.

Intake tube and filter
Strut tower braces, front and rear
hi-flow cat and catback exhaust
short shifter w/ bushings
engine mount bushing kit

The maybe list...

lowering springs
new struts for lowering springs
fuel rail w. regulator

Dreaming totally...

Turbo kit
P&P head
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well as far as i know there isnt a ls that came stock with vtec. u can convert your ls to an LS/VTEC it would cost cheaper than buying the whole GS-R motor.

if u go ahead and do the LS/VTEC you should get some KILLER CAMS and just have it N/A and you can whoop some serious butt. me and my friend are going to try to experiment and put a 90 LS block and a vtec head (LS/VTEC) in his CR-X. hopefully it would turn out well.
save your money and get the gsr, my friend just replaced his LS for a gsr, out the door installed he spent $3500, if your gonna go all motor, get vtec...
Well I guess this doesn't matter right now as I bought a Prelude tonight for now....

Thanks for the help guys!
what year prelude and model.........Si or vtec version....
allmotor_integ said:
what year prelude and model.........Si or vtec version....
I picked up a little 88 Si 4WS model with 5 speed! I love it...

I am wanting to do an exhaust and lower it a little for sure...

There is a $70 air intake on eBay for it.... RARE

The reason I am thinking of skipping the header is because I am considering a H22A or GSR swap. This is supposed to be my daily driver as opposed to another project... but you guys know how that can go... :rolleyes: lol
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