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ls/vtec ecu? HELP!

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i got a 95 integra ls and i'm gonna do the ls/vtec with a b16a head and pistons... i wanna know if buying a p28 ecu chipped with a mugen program that is for a DOHC... the guy says v tec hits at 5700 and redline is at 9500... or should i just buy a 94-95 gsr ecu???
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the reason you want to use a p28 is because it dosn't need a knock sensor, and your ls block dosent have a knock sensor, unless you put one on it, you might want to look into the vtec turn on point, you might want it lower, but then agian that might be a good point but i do know that if you put the gsr ecu, you will throw a code, unless you have a knock sensor
don't worrie about your bottom end, well, and you can correct me if i'm not wrong but i belive that you need to be careful with that bottom end, i know there is a post on here that has a link to a web site that shows you why you need to be careful with the ls/vtec, it says something about, if it was so great then honda would have already done it, if anyone knows i think it would help him out a lot, i know that with the gsr ecu you have to have a knock sensor, that ecu will throw a code if it dosen't find the knock sensor, the p28, or getting your ecu chipped is a better way, or if you add a knock sensor then that is good to but you will want to be careful with that rev limit. but agian i say do the search you can find so much on this site and on the net abut this subject.
i found the web site, , so check it out, that should help you, i say you should just save the money, go turbo, or buy froged pist/rods, and go with a huge shot of nos+ jacobs mastermind, but hey you do what you want just make sure you have no regrets
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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