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ls/vtec ecu? HELP!

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i got a 95 integra ls and i'm gonna do the ls/vtec with a b16a head and pistons... i wanna know if buying a p28 ecu chipped with a mugen program that is for a DOHC... the guy says v tec hits at 5700 and redline is at 9500... or should i just buy a 94-95 gsr ecu???
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if ur looking for an ecu for ur ls/vtec setup, try getting the p28 ecu with a dohc vtec program. the mugen program is ok. but that program will run ur car rich (check the hondata site for specifics). a skunk program is nice too. ask around regarding vtec activation points and rev limit for ur setup.

i see that u have a "stock" ls/vtec. if u use the gsr program on ur b16 head/ls block combo, u really won't be optimizing the stock program. the gsr will engage vtec at 4400 but it'll try to look for the secondaries so that it can open it up at 5600. the b16 head doesn't have the secondaries.

i had a stock ls/vtec setup about 3 years ago and i revved my stock setup to 8000 with no problems. i even used N2O (55 shot) on top of that. as long as u don't go crazy with ur setup, ur going to be fine. even if ur rev limit is set at 11,000 it would be up to u to abuse that limit.

good luck with ur project.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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