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ls/vtec ecu? HELP!

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i got a 95 integra ls and i'm gonna do the ls/vtec with a b16a head and pistons... i wanna know if buying a p28 ecu chipped with a mugen program that is for a DOHC... the guy says v tec hits at 5700 and redline is at 9500... or should i just buy a 94-95 gsr ecu???
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That article on Honda Style is written by a guy that I've known for a couple of years. He knows his stuff, but I disagree with him in some aspects. I have a pretty crazy LS/VTEC motor (It's not in the car right now). The reason for doing LS/VTEC really, is it's a poor man's GS-R. Sure, the stroke is 2.5mm longer, which gives you a tad more displacement, but it also puts greater stress on the rods. How high you can rev isn't really a very documented thing. You have to remember that the oil jets which cool and lubricate the bottom of the pistons on a DOHC VTEC block aren't present on an LS block, and can't be put in (so don't try). I'm looking to establish a higher redline (I use a P72 ECU w/ my LS/VTEC) but I haven't decided yet. The cam's I want to use make power all the way to 10,000rpm. I guess I have until September to decide.
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