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ls/vtec ecu? HELP!

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i got a 95 integra ls and i'm gonna do the ls/vtec with a b16a head and pistons... i wanna know if buying a p28 ecu chipped with a mugen program that is for a DOHC... the guy says v tec hits at 5700 and redline is at 9500... or should i just buy a 94-95 gsr ecu???
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I have done this conversion many times. My advice would be to run the GSR computer. add the wires for the vtec solenoid, oil pressure switch, and the knock sensor. since the Ls block does not have a place for the knock sensor simply zip tie the sensor under the dash somewhere with the wire running from the ecu to the sensor and the trick to making the sensor work is that the threads of the sensor must be grounded so take a small
hose clamp and a piece of wire, strip it on both ends, put the hose clamp around the knock sensor threads leaving it loose enough to slide the stripped end of the wire under the hose clamp and between the threads. tighten the clamp and ground the other end of the wire and everything will work fine with no check light and a safe rev limit of 8200. good luck.
the cost of doing ls/vtec can vary depending on where you get the parts. Some of the things involved with doing the ls/vtec is welding up the a pressurized oil feed hole that is normally feed from a port in the vtec block that doesn't exist in the Ls. This hole is on the head surface near the intake side below where the distributer is located. it is silghtly diagonal from one of the dowl pin holes. Bringing the head to the machine shop to have this done will probably cost around 40 to 50 dollars this is a very rough estimate. you will also need to get the head surfaced after being welded and that may also be around 50 bucks. next you will have to drill the head bolt holes out on the intake side of the head and only the ones on each corner to accept the dowl pins which are normally on the two corner exhaust side head bolts.
you can be brave and do this yourself or have a machine shop do it for probably another 50 bucks. you will need to run a Ls head gasket, do not by a knock off this can range from 70 to 80 bucks. last but not least either gsr or B16a head studs or bolts. how high you rev the motor will depend on how stiff your valve springs are. but if this is going to be a daily driver I would just rev it to 8200 which is where the gsr computer will cut out
good luck
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