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I posted this in the Civic Si board, but didn't get much feedback.
So, I'm looking to you Hybrid guys for opinions.

I'm in the pursuit of more power and torque, just like every other Honda Enthusiast. Heres my questions:

This is just a thought:

B18B (LS) Block & Crank
B16A2 (Si) Head - mildly ported/polised
B18C5 Rods and Pistons
JUN Cams, Ti Retainers and Valve Springs (want to use Si Valves)
OBD1 ECU (dont know which one would work best)
Hondata system for fuel tuning


1) Will the LS crank work with the Type R rods?? If not, then what crank will, besides the Type R?

2) If I wanted to, could i use my B16 block with all those components?

3) About how much whp am i looking to get from something like this?

It's either this setup or a killer ass B20/VTEC Turbo setup.

Thanks Alot
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i posted my response in the civic one...check it out again....if you want anything else lemme know
1) Yes the pistons and rods will work because its a b-series motor
2)You can use your b16 block with these commonets because once again it a b-series motor and all b-series parts are intercahngable(most of them at least)
3)Im gonna have to say around 180 whp
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