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k...somebody tell me if i'm right, but this is what i know:
there are 3 different types of LSDs
1. helical - gear type. Usually either "off" or "on" no inbetween. Best for drag not circuit racing. Downside, if one tire lifts up in a corner it can actually break the LSD
2. vicious - Works using some kind of fluid in the LSD. I think the R34, Evo's and WRXs use this kind of LSD
3. clutch (kind honda uses?) - works very much like the clutch for a transmission. Downside, needs service after a while
I wasn't too sure about this stuff, i'm just trying to clear up some of the things that i've learned. Can someone actually break it down for us. and explain the different between 1, 1.5, and 2 way

Oh yeah....
quaife uses a helical/gear type right?
What kind of LSDs do KAAZ and Cusco use?

I'm looking for a good one for road race.

originally posted by "DAFeLUNG" in CRX forum

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I recall reading that the Integra Type R's and Civic Type R's have helical type LSD's. I have yet to hear about them ever requiring service. I believe that it is a 1.5 or 2.0 type.

KAAZ is a clutch type and requires the lubrication to be changed every 15-20,000 miles. I believe that it is also the clutch one that can break if a tire lifts off the ground.

Not sure what type Quaife falls under, but it's suppose to be torque biasing, meaning that it will send power to the side that has traction.

Phantom would be the one that is locked, meaning that it is on all of the time, which contributes to a "crab-legged" type turn.

Quaifes run for about 900 bucks for the unit. It is suppose to be one of the best for street, strip, and track. I believe it also has a lifetime warranty...

KAAZ runs for about 700 for the unit. There is a three year warranty on this one I believe.
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