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wondering if ne one knows if its safe to run a cam with a max lift of 12.446 if my max lift on my springs are 12.5. also im running 11.5:1 pistons. shifting at 7500
aftermarket pistons? i ask b/c the valve reliefs are deeper and therefore you can run a larger cam. btw your shift point shoudl be determined by the camshafts, after they are degreed upon installation, you get ona dyno and find out where they stop making power. that's your max rpm.

i just finished my ls/vtec build, rs machine itr pistons with skunk2 pro series 1 camshafts and supertech's all motor springs. after degreeing them and checking piston to valve clearances, there is very little room to play around with. I can safely adjust up to 2 degrees on the cam gears, which seems like a lot but it's really not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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