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Methinks, Super Aguri should have picked Richard Lyons up instead of Sakon Y. :(

Lyons to partner Krumm in No.22 MOTUL AUTECH Z

Driver change occurs after Yamamoto confirms participation in F1
June 8.

NISMO has announced today that the No. 22 MOTUL AUTECH Z driver lineup will change as of the Malaysia round of the 2006 AUTOBACS SUPER GT, with Richard Lyons joining Michael Krumm in the No. 22 MOTUL AUTECH car.

So far this season, it has been the combination of Michael Krumm and Sakon Yamamoto in the No. 22 machine; but with the departure of Yamamoto to Formula One, the driver lineup has been changed. Nissan and NISMO have a high regard for Yamamoto's talent, and believe this step up to the world championship will prove decisive for the driver, sending him off with the highest expectations for his future.

Richard Lyons first entered the GT500 class of the JGTC in 2002, driving the TAKATA Dome NSX. He moved over to NISMO the following season, piloting the MOTUL PITWORK car. Alongside Satoshi Motoyama, the pair took the Driver's Title in the Xanavi NISMO Z in 2004.
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