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M5's move over! The ultimate X5 is here -> Check this out if you havent yet

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This has been seen before in this forum when i posted it, but I'll post it one last time for those that haven't seen it.

BMW X5 Lemans Concept

The X5 Le Mans is propelled by the V12 engine carried over from the Le Mans winning car, with unparalleled performance at a corresponding level. The idea behind the X5 Le Mans experimental vehicle originates primarily from a technical ambition: BMW's engineers wanted to explore and demonstrate the X5's real absolute limits in practice. As a positive side effect, their efforts produced a compelling showpiece whose powerful looks reflect its impressive inner values.

The most striking change to the exterior is the bonnet scoop for the air from the radiator. Further exterior modifications were made to the front and rear bumper covers, the wing skirts and sill covers, the exterior mirrors and wheels. The chassis with 20-inch wheels was lowered by 30 millimetres (1.18 inches). Depending on the type of duty this car is applied to, 315/35 or 275/40 tyres are mounted on its front wheels, while its rear wheels are generally fitted with 315/35 tyres. Axle load distribution is almost ideal, at 51:49% front/rear.

Exterior dimensions are basically the same as on the standard X5. The interior, on the other hand, looks quite different, with a definite high-tech touch. The more comfortable standard seats were replaced by four bucket seats with a particular emphasis on sportiness, and aluminium stands out as a predominating element throughout.

This badass 6.0L V12 makes a (gulp) 700 bhp and 532 ft pounds of tq. 0 - 60 mph 4.6 seconds. Top Speed 278.4 kph / 173.0 mph. Bring on the Z06's pleeeeeze :D

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