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Made a car music video: Everyone download it!

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Hey guys. I know I am kind of new here...but I figured it would be ok to post this.
(right click, and save file as...and feel free to share it)

A while back I made a car music video. Its got a wide variety of cars. Its got several Ferrari's, Porsche's, Corvettes, Vipers, F-bods, Mustangs, Supra's and some other stuff as well. Sorry not any honda's. I didn't have any good clips when I made this vid.

My next video is going to have an NSX doing donuts, and I would like to put in an S2000 doing donuts...but I don't have any clips...any of you have some?
I am gonna start downloading the vids I'll see what I can find.

Tell me what you think of my last vid...BTW the next one will also feature engine sounds in the background.

I also have another vid maybe some of you would like.
Its not great quality though, but an 03 Cobra vs a Viper Venom 650 R (driven poorly).
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damn, that's a pretty big video, good server though, it's going fast.
hey, not bad, nice clips. There are few clips in there though that are much lower resolution/quality than other ones, you might want to replace those for the next version :)

would you happen to have links to the footage of the Supra and the Ferraris? I could never find a longer clip of that Jun Supra other than the very popular crazy drift video.
Yeah I Have Links To The Supra And Ferrari Video Jun Supra Drifting Full Version

2nd Video From The Top

And Here Is The Ferrari Video
thats a damn good vid man... nice choice in cars!
Re: Yeah I Have Links To The Supra And Ferrari Video

NsxX said: Jun Supra Drifting Full Version

2nd Video From The Top

And Here Is The Ferrari Video

thanks, I couldn't find this before, dang, that Supra is a monster of a car.
Thanks guys.

The only vid that I didn't find on the internet/kazaa was that F40 Video.
That was made from a VHS by someone I know (online anyway).

If you want to download it you can look in my shared folder when I am on ICQ (13464959), however you will have to deal with my 1337 56k upload speeds. Luckely ICQ lets you resume...and I should be getting cable sometime in the near future (I can pray anyway)
Its called F40, or Ferrari F40.

I can't believe how many sweet vids are on this forum...these are gonna take me forever to download:D

Dolby u really need cable if u wanan dl vids heh i remember how long it took me to get a p art of that f40 vid in the mean time for everyone else. if u really wantt a f40 video click this
Or This Is Awsome to
much props... you're video is pretty sweet...

someone needs to string together a bunch of hella tite vids like that... cut out all the crap and get the good stuff...
I made a video that probably no one has seen and I have fireballs out the exhaust going with the beat and stuff....

hehe. Its a supra video.
did you use the one that has the red supra in it?
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