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Curious about some laws regarding mail. My girlfriend moved into her own house in another city and cut all ties with her psychotic mother. We just installed a mailbox and registered the address with the postal service. Originally she was using only a PO Box because she's in a very rural area. Well lately, she's been getting mail for her mother (in her mothers name) addressed at her physical house address. Never did she get anything at the PO Box.

We know it's not because my gf is in some sort of system because these are job related items for her mother. If the mother is using her physical home address is that some sort of mail fraud??

There have been other issues coming up with the mail lately, such as UPS packages being delivered from companies to my gf that she never purchased or ordered and we've tried contacting the vendors and they are investigating.... we think it might related tot he psycho.

any advice on what to do?? or who to contact??
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