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I'm bringing my R in for a maintenance at the dealer this coming week. What should they look for ?
the car just broke 30k miles and has been driven hard and I'm going to Limerock in Nov.

I just want to have additional ideas on what should be looked at...
Other then the obvious


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I know there was a post about problems with type r not to long ago. They ranged in every thing from clutch problems to windows not going up and down, having to turn the key 3 or 4 times for the car to start. Try searcing for it. hope this helps.

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Buzz over to Nassau this Sunday and meet Me, Chris, Marc and Ray...

And we can make up a list, I am doing my 30K service with Chris next week in preparation for the Limerock event as well...

There is a list that we have modified for my car since We have already done somethings early and some that don't need to be done till after the event and till next season...

Here's a link that will give you a more broad list of what to do before a track event...

See ya rob.


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hey bbasso, my guess is that your ebrake needs some adjusting.. i haven't seen you whip around in a parking lot in a while....

as far as services go, look em up in helms. on 1greyteg's car i'm doing the following for 30k:

new cap
new rotor
inspect plugs (but itr's should be fine, not called for till 60k, also depends on gas used)
fuel filter
inspect and clean (k&n) air filter
Valve adjustment
adjust ignition timing
oil change
tranny fluid change (actually, i did this already on his car, but figured i'd post it)
coolant flush (honda coolant)
general inspection of break pads, drivebelts etc

also, depending on how the car was driven, the follwing from the 45k service might be needed as well:

brake fluid flush
clutch fluid flush

Thos are what i remember off the top of my head, might be a few things i missed, but not sure, as i do not have a helms in front of me now. :p

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Thanks Guys!!!

I I have all those things on a "to do" list but what I'm looking for is warrenty items that might or could break around the 30k mile mark.

Example I think one of my motor mounts took a dump.
Anything that might be able to be replaced under warrenty...

Do Ya follow?

And as for reg maintanence I have all that covered or soon to be done.

When is the next AutoX?, I would like to be there.

Thanks Anton & Chris.
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