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Does anyone know if you really need to take a 5th gen in when the little square maintenance indicator below the speedometer turns red at 25, 000 miles. I just assumed it ment I needed to change the motor oil and I do that my self anyways. Does it mean anything else, or is just a way for Honda to get more money out of you by taking it in and having them tell you everything is OK and charging $200 for it.

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yea..just change ur oil and filter!..all the time..

if u take it to honda..they'll charge like 90 bux(here in HTown)

but they replace oil filter, check tires..rotate, check shit is all they do.maybe tighten suspension bolts..thats it..

but if ur car is still under warranty they'll tell u wut is need for free..

when u drive up to the service dept. hell right the vin. down and look inside. and tell u wuts up..then u can say .okay bye..

all free..

peace out man..
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