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Working on a local kids cybernation stage 1 kit. He says he was driving through a parking lot and the car just stalled, then got it towed home. I assumed something stupid popped loose but that dosnt seem to be the case.

Pulled the plugs - bone dry
Tested injectors with a test light and they are getting a signal and clicking(opening)
Pulled the rail and left one injector electrically connected, cranked motor over - no fuel spray
Disconnected the fuel line and turned the key on and cranked motor over - no fuel pressure
Pulled the seat and cover and removed the fuel line, turned car on and cranked motor over - No fuel pump noise or pressure.

Car is a 02 RSX-S with only 45k miles on it. I cant see a fuel pump dieing this soon. Honda dosnt make unreliable cars.

I didnt bring anything to jump power to the pump and truely find if its dead but were would i find the fuse and/or fuel pump relay on this car? The fuse panel under the dash dosnt have the cover on it so i have noway in knowing which fuse is what.

ANY HELP here guys is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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