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makes me so mad!

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blah just came back from the store and some kid came by and accidently broke my antena !(how dont ask)

well now what i dont want to get a new one ..too expensive i will think!

is there a way to replace the antena with some nice aftermarket antena thats not motorized! but that is short ???

any one have a link to a place that sell some!

or any one have a used antena forsale

man this makes me so mad!:mad: :cry:
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I have a broken one too, honda makes a cap that goes over the hole, like a filler, which means no antenna, but i dont use my radio so it does'nt bother me. I dont know the part #, someone else might. just a suggestion
i have no antenna, broke before i bought the car, and my radio works pretty damn good, the antenna looks so damn ugly anyways, makes the car look like a lil remote control car
Go to damn wal mart and buy one of those universals for like 8 bucks..may have to shave down the knub to get them in, but thats what I did, the radio still works (halfass)..
why dont u go get a insight antana and put it on top of ur car i seen one of the sol in the forum have it and it look pretty daym good
he said shaved ;)
redsol said:
heheheh no antenna for me :p shaved them looks cooler i must say
Unless you *really* need another antenna, don't bother. I never listen to the radio, so my antenna is always retracted. Personally, I think the del Sol looks bad with the stock antenna extended. If all else fails, do like The Simpsons and use a coat-hanger! :D
yup, my antenna is in process of being shaved off as we speak...
My car came with on of those short black rubber ones from Radio Shack. I never use the radio coz it gets crappy reception.
I think the sol does look a bit R/C Car-ish with the antenna fully extended. I tend to leave mine at half mast. It does not go above the level of the roof, so it sorta preserves the sleek lines of the body.

I use the radio frequently so I gotta have my antenna!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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