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Hey guys I was trying to make a DVD-Video with my DVD-RW drive. I downloaded some clips from online of some kool races and sound tracks and thought it would be nice to make a dvd video out of it. anyways i have this program called b's recorder gold. and it has the option to create a "DATA/DVD DISC". Now i know if it makes it as a data disc it wont play in a dvd player. and i dont want to waste a blank dvd disc (they are like $15 each) so i was reading thru some help and it says to create a dvd video you should create an image file (VIDEO_TS/AUDIO/TS) edited with authoring software.
so i just wanted to know if ne of you guys have any experience making a dvd video by urself. if i make it as a data/dvd will it work? does ne1 know how to make the image file ???
thanks for ne help
sorry formaking this long.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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