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As sum of you may know i got a 95 honda civic hatchback vx. I
havent done anything to it at all. I made a post reguarding a
swapping and got a pretty good site to look at now my question
is, is it worth me doing a 1.6L b16a engine swap for 2,350 or should i wait a few months and put in a 1.8L b18 c-r in it for
4,900 and if ur wondering about the site its check it out if you have the chance and
let me know what you think please everyone post a reply every
0.02 counts.

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they are charging you 2,350 to do a b16 swap??Thats way too much...just thought you might want to know that...and 4900 for the gsr is too much too...because for about 500 bucks more I can get you an integra type r motor.
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