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hey does anyone know if the venom, or str manifolds or any manifold made for a D16 will fit the DOHC ZC?
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I would assume they would I believe they would have to be ported to match. Because you can use the manifolds off your stock motor on a zc just has to be port matched.
just a thought
No, those are intake manifolds and a d16a6 manifold will not fit on a ZC.

crxrocks if he orders one for a say a 90 si crx then shouldn't he be able to just port it out?????? If they don't fit. Then why do import shops tell you to use your stock intake manifold on your zc???
Just curiuos because there is one here in dallas that does. My zc came with its own when I got it so I didn't have to worry about using my stock. But I was just curoius.

Do the bolt patterns not line up or what?
From what I understand (not from personal experience) the intake runners and bolt pattern are different. I wonder if an intake manifold from the Teg will fit up, I suspect it will, but I don't know for sure.

see what throws me is that I just did a zc swap for a guy and he had the greddy turbo kit that you can buy for the civic and we put it on the zc. I was under the impression that it would fit ont he stock block also. Maybe I am outta it ut it looked the same.
i havent tried matting thme up to each other. I no longer have that manifold being that its on the car but someone should know.
if onyl someone woudl just make one that fits.... damn them all guess ill just have to bore out my stock one :( and it looks so plain :( :(
go with a custom made one.....
dunno where to get that done around here this town SUCKS
I have a friend that will make you one for about $300.00. I would have to talk with him but he builds custom turbos.
The intake manifold from a 86-89 Integra works with the DOHC ZC, so if you can find one for that application it should work. I had a 88 Integra and put a DOHC ZC in it and just used the intake manifold from my Integra since the place i got my ZC wouldnt give me the manifold off of the ZC... :rolleyes:
Don't take my word for it, but as far as I know, a B16 intake manifold should bolt up with minor modification (porting) since the headers from a B16 bolted up to my integra ZC.
then again, it all depends on what ZC engine you are talking about, since 'ZC' is a generic term. I assume you are talking DOHC, judging by your name (I am smart, yay). But is it the JDM ZC from the 88-91 CRX? I think they are all pretty similar when you talk DOHC. anyway.
i have no mechanic, i am my mechanic, not one shop in this town knwos what a B16 is let alone a ZC cept for the tuners..... but anyways i will look into the fitting of a b16 manifold, or maybe a custom one if you will get me the info JustDriving. im pretty sure noone makes one for a 86-89 teg though
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