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manifold type to fit

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Ok so this season i am upgrading alot of stuff getting the car ready for the track again. some of you may know i have a built bottom end f22b dohc good for around 45-50 lbs. But last year i was running a small 50 trim turbo which was great for spool up But isnt going to reach my hp mark that i want and not to mention i went threw 2 of them in a summers time (bearings). so my question is what manifold will fit the Holset hx35 turbocharger its very similar to the size of the garrett GT35R. by fiting i mean clearing the radiator without using a half i had trouble last summer runing the half radiator and dont wana have it run hot and also clearing alternator, power steering ect AC can be eliminated thats ok, and if anyone has pics of this similar sized turbo on a manifold and how everything flows in the engine bay that would be great thanks alot cant wait to see some pics if anyone is running this big of turbo on there ludes. thanks again.
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