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I have a 1994 Accord with 210,000 miles. Over the last month is has become increasingly harder to shift and now over the last few days it's also starting to make a winding sound when I accelerate. Besides possibly low fluid is there anything else that may be wrong? Also I have no idea where to check the fluid level and what kind of fluid to add. I could really use some help on this one. Thanks in advance.

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On the transmission there are 2 bolts, 1's a drain bolt 1's a fill bolt.

Heres a link to a picture of what your gona be looking for:

Heres a forum posting about it:
crx how to change tranny fluid - Honda-Tech

And heres a clutch install just for a good refrence:
Honda Accord - Clutch Install - Tech - Super Street

You can stick a rachet inside the bolt, so they're pretty easy to identify. There are a few ways to refill the transmission , I think VSS and back up light switch are easier to fill from but if in question just stick to the standard location to fill the tranny back up: the fill plug. It should hold 2 quarts.

I would use 1 of these 3 tranny fluids:
GM/Penzoil synchromesh
Honda Manual Transmission fluid
Amsoil MTF synchromesh.

10w30 will also work but it doesn't have the pressure additives that transmission fluid does. It should only be used if you absolutely have to.

The fluid must be added with the car on level ground should you add through the fill plug.
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