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manual transmission swap???????

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about how much does it cost to swap a automatic transmission to a manual transmission????
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you need:

manual ecu
tranny mounts
clutch master cylinder
slave cylinder
clutch lines

so depending on how much you can get these parts for.

and if you plan on just handing a shop a lump of money nad get the parts themselves expect to pay alot more
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ya id have a shop do it, so how much would it be?
1993 honda prelude si would also need the two shift rods, besides the lever, boot, and knob which were already mentioned. and the bracket that holds the lever in place...i think
ok but how much will it cost????
your car is harder to find parts for than a civic i think, but i have heard of people doing the swap in a prelude.....

what im saying is that its gonna be expensive to do... b/c i betyou wont be able to find all those parts used too easily... ive heard people charging as low as $500 for the labor.... but ive been quoted $800...... thats just labor

mind you that you wont find a tranny much less expensive than that either, your gonna pay pay pay pay pay
do it will be easier....however you will have to go get your car recertified as a manual transmisson car
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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