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With gas prices as they are... As a "grocery getter" or commuter, I'd give it a look if it was available in the US.

Mazda launches fully redesigned AZ-Wagon micro-mini
Monday 29th September, 01:57 PM JST

HIROSHIMA — Mazda Motor Corp on Monday launched its new-look AZ-Wagon micro-mini range in Japan. Fully redesigned for the first time in five years, the new model offers substantially enhanced quality inside and out, as well as a more comfortable cabin.

The exterior design has been fully updated to improve the styling and reflect the interior comfort. The interior features a silver center panel, and charcoal grey seats and door trim which create a higher quality appearance. The XT and XS model grades have a convenient engine start/stop button, and all grades come with an anti-theft immobilizer as standard equipment for improved security.

Performance is enhanced in some grades with the addition of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that delivers more powerful acceleration and better fuel economy. With low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions certified as either 50 or 75 percent cleaner than Japan’s 2005 standards, all model grades offer excellent environmental and economic performance.

The range-topping AZ-Wagon Custom Style lineup has also been fully redesigned to improve its sporty and high quality credentials. The Custom Style features aero parts and alloy wheels for a more muscular exterior. New equipment, including a glossy black center panel and leather-wrapped steering wheel, creates a more stylish, high quality interior. Premium features that come as standard on some model grades include: steering wheel mounted paddle shifters; Autolight system (which switches the headlights on automatically according to ambient light conditions); colored door mirrors with embedded LED indicators; and an 8-speaker high-grade sound system.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (including consumption tax) range from 924,000 to 1,482,600 yen for the AZ-Wagon, and from 1,270,500 to 1,687,350 yen for the AZ-Wagon Custom Style.
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