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McLaren: 'Juan Pablo won't be dropped'

Wednesday July 05 2006

McLaren have denied reports that they intend dropping Juan Pablo Montoya for his part in the multi-car pile-up at the start of the United States Grand Prix.

Montoya was largely responsible for the accident at Turn Two of the Indianapolis race, which saw him take out not only himself but also his McLaren team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen, as well as five other cars.

And although the race stewards didn't punished the Colombian for his involvement, rumours started making the rounds suggesting that McLaren may drop him in favour of using test driver Pedro de la Rosa.

However, according to McLaren COE Martin Whitmarsh, dropping Montoya is not an option.

"No," Whitmarsh responded when asked by Autosport if they were planning on axing Montoya.

"I think getting good results helps us all, but the way in which the end of this race came about isn't something that the team is going to hold against Juan Pablo.

"Had he let Button and Heidfeld through and taken an ultra-cautious approach, we would probably have had some view on that with him, wouldn't we?"
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