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tonight i was bored i went out for a stroll to the new apartment i'm going to be moving in to in November. (before i get too far in this story i need to throw in some history. a little while back i had an anti freeze leak problem. a vacuum cap hose thing busted on the back of my intake manifold (type R intake manifold) and the engine heated up and i had to fix that. shit.) so i was strolling about to leave, and i smelled anti freeze, i'm like nooooo way not again. so i keep going. now i really smell it and my heat raises a lil bit. SHIT i better get home fast so i stomp it. it was fine till the heat went all the way up, so i pulled over fast and turned the engine off. opened the hood and [smoke everywhere] SHIT! so i wait for my pal Pete to arrive and help. then i look at the hose that broke before with a flash light, and its fine, but theres another vacuum hose cap thing thats dripping. shit. so i fill up the radiator with water and take it home. luckily i had extra vacuum things from before. so i fix it and put anti freeze in. no more leak. and no knocking or noises thank God, besides my headlight that rattles like a bitch. man, this really scared me. i'm glad this happed tonite and not on the way to work.
but i love my CR-X and i love my B16.
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