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jtrain2924 said:
i am in the process of doing a swap and i decided to go with a new exhaust. i currently had a skunk2 cat-back.. but it was fairly new and i still had the warranty to send it back if i was unhappy. for the money i paid i was unhappy. so i order Megan Racing cat-back. and let me tell you this thing is awesome. the whole thing is poilshed. the welds are great and the hangers are positioned to have it hang with a jdm kick to it.

bottom line... for half the price of the skunk2 cat-back i have an exhaust that is imo much better. skunk2 cost $500 shipped but the MR only $310. so if your looking for a cat-back check out the Megan Racing Drift-Spec . ill post pics and sounds clips very soon :byye
with your 67 posts, its stoopid for me to seriously ask if you are serious....
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