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Metroid Prime 3 Dated
Nintendo announces summer lineup, and Samus is leading the pack.
by Bozon

May 21, 2007 - Nintendo has officially announced its summer (and beyond) schedule, and with it come a few dates to take off work, school, or just lock yourself in your room for weeks on end. With a list of causal and hardcore games, Nintendo has dated some of the hottest titles of 2007, with games like Mario Strikers, Battalion Wars, and our good friend Metroid Prime 3 leading the pack.

Here are the following release dates as stated by Nintendo of America:


Wii Releases:

Mario Strikers Charged: July 30 - Nintendo

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: Aug. 20 - Nintendo

Battalion Wars 2: September - Nintendo

High School Musical: Sing It!: Aug. 14 - Disney Interactive

Madden NFL '08: Aug. 14 - EA

Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08: August - EA

Space Station Tycoon: August - Namco Bandai

Brunswick Pro Bowling: August - Crave

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge: August - Crave

Pinball Hall of fame: The Williams Collection: Aug. - Crave

Brothers in Arms: September - Ubisoft

Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal: September - Warner Bros.

George of the Jungle: September - Crave

Boogie: Fall - EA

With a few of Nintendo's top titles locked down it's only a matter of time until all 2007 releases are a done deal. Other major points of interest include Battalion Wars 2 with a "September" release, keeping open the possibility of a September 20th release to team with the game's original release date on GameCube in 2005, as well as the dating of two huge EA franchises in Madden NFL '08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08.

We'll have more on all these games, as well as additional release date info as it becomes available. Be sure keep checking back to IGN Wii for all the latest in Nintendo news, media, and reviews.

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AznImports602 said:
I wish I had a Wii because I really want to play Metriod and I hope in comes in wifi multiplayer!
Are you just not able to find one? Yes online multiplayer would be fun, and considering Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS had it I am hoping MP3 will have it as well.

I hope Retro Studios comes through with the control scheme too. I still have not seen the ground-breaking FPS controls that I know the Wii is capable of.
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